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As many people living in the Village, we arrived here as travelers, during the last days of our long-term holidays in the South and before we went back to our home in the North. We were very excited to know more about this town close to Bariloche since we had heard a lot about it. Once in our way, we discovered the stunning natural beauty of the mountains, the lake and the forest. As days were passing by, we were falling in love with the village, overwhelmed by the richness of its landscapes and the gentle warmth of the local residents. This was the entrepreneurial adventurous spirit of the first settlers who inhabited these lands far from it all. Like the new ones, who have risked everything to make this place their home.

Once we felt familiar with the place, we enjoyed the small details. Minimal things that took us directly to our childhood memories: the smell of homemade bread, the constant sound of the branches being swayed by the wind and countless species of birds chirping. But also silence. That deep silence aligned with a magnificent stark landscape made ourselves lost in time and space. In a place that supposedly has not changed with time, is impossible not to free our senses and feel that we belong to another time, remote and primitive, and discover the most profound essence of our true self.

Finally, almost on the eve of our departure, after exploring every path of Peninsula Manzano, we climbed a hill that seemed impossible at first. With the last breath of the day, we reached the top and turned our heads to discover the magnificent beauty of Patagonia. The mountains, lakes and forests condensed in that horizon. It was in that exact moment, while we were holding our hands firmly, that we knew which our destiny would be. The day after we decided not to go back home because from that moment on our home was there.

Our adventurous and nomad spirit have guided us around the whole world, further and deeper every time. We brought with us a little of that knowledge we acquired every time we got back home. In every new place, we faced different adventures as brief residents rather than turists. Part of that spirit is what we want to share with our guests at Colina. We want people to experience the feeling of being at their new home, a home they share with birds, trees and the stars.

Many people have returned to Colina asking for the same cottage they booked the first time, as a way to continue writing rather than to start again their history in the Village, as a book that opens at the same last page you were reading when you left it.

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