Colina Verde

The main attraction of the Village is, without a doubt, its overwhelming nature. Immersed yourself in a National Park where a great diversity of animals live in the forest, the mountain and the lake.
This is why at Colina we have taken all the necessary measures to lessen at minimum the environmental impact understanding the complex relationships that exist globally. We always work as a network with the complete staff and the community from Puerto Manzano. We hope our guests enthusiastically join in this mission during their visit and continue it when they return to their places.

COLINA VERDE PROGRAM:Deep responsibility in the protection of the Environment.

Colina del Manzano Verde establishes social practices we have been developing to support the conservation of the Environment, voluntarily and guided by the following principles:

Staff Education and training about the responsibility involved in the conservation of the Environment. The fulfillment of the program is always being supervised by the hotel’s staff and lectures are also given to take into account new measures. We also provide our guests with documentation related to this topic.

Permanent implementation of new measures and investments to lessen environmental impact. Every time we could and promoted by your inversion, we incorporate new ideas that fulfill the program on conservation of the Environment.

Provide our guests with information about the importance of the conservation of the natural environment that surrounds us. It is important that guests who will visit us have knowledge about the actions we are developing in the Complex Caring of the Environment because actions that are performed collectively will bring positive results.


From the very beginning we have had the purpose to design and build our Complex under a Sustainable or Environmentally Conscious Architecture, taking into consideration some essential practices:

In order to lessen its environmental impact, the Project presents an Andean design matching the constructive systems of the area.

The basic materials for the construction are native to the area, such as stone and wood. A large percentage of the wood used was recovered from the fallen trees in the land.

To achieve a harmonious habitability with the area, there have been considered the climatic and topographic conditions of the environment.

To cut down the light consumption, it has been taken into account the natural illumination of all the rooms and the thermal insulation of their walls and roofs to reduce the heating given the prevailing low temperatures.

Most of the furniture was handmade with recycled antique wood by the owner of the complex.

Volcanic ashes have been used to refill the land taking care of the topography and thus creating a new space for the park.


1) Reduction of the Energy Consumption:

Replacement of the incandescent lights and halogen lamps for low consumption light bulbs and Led lamps.

Installation of switches with timers for the night luminary.

Installation of photoelectric cells for other outside lights.

Progressive installation of some outer electrical devices that work with sun light.

Permanent adjustment and monitoring of thermostats in boilers and gas immersion heaters, lowering the temperatures during summer and spring.

2) Reduction in the use of potable water for washing and protection of the natural process of shortage:

Invitation to guests to have a responsible use of towels. Natural system of sewage elimination through a nitrification process that reduces the land pollution and also functions as irrigation and nutrient for the field.

3) Other actions:

All our employees are locals, which contributes to the economy and population of the town.

We contribute to the cultural patrimony of our town by offering information in our library about the local costumes in books and publications of writers that belong to the regional history. We also share this with our guests through casual talks of the history and culture of the first settlers.

We take care of the use of plastic containers by replacing the disposable and polluting bottles for dispensers of shampoo and conditioner.

The Gift Store uses paper bags for their sales instead of plastic bags.

We actively participate in the "SEPAREMOS" Program for waste separation and we invite our visitors to collaborate with it, for this reason we install two waste separation baskets in each house: dry and organic.The park has been forested with various native species and diverse fruit trees of Patagonia.

The park has been forested with various native species and diverse fruit trees of Patagonia.


While our efforts are aimed at meeting the needs of our guests for a delightful stay in a natural environment, we also want these actions to be performed in perfect harmony with the Environmental Preservation and the Ecology.

The registers of the program have shown highly positive results, reaffirming our commitment to keep working in this way.

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